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Kuroda’s Speech Moves Markets

FX Insight, AoD Analyst This week has been rather momentous in the wake of multiple fundamental announcements. Not the least of these market-moving announcements was Thursday’s Bank of Japan speech by Governor Kuroda regarding Japan’s interest rate decision and its [...] ?>

MTI Student Co-Hosts International Trader Talk Webinar

( December 13, 2012 — Shawn Beecher,  a highly-acclaimed Forex commentator and Market Traders Institute student, co-hosted a three-part webinar debunking common trading myths to an international audience yesterday. In December’s edition of Trading Pub’s Trader Talk series, Shawn Beecher [...]
Jared Martinez
Featured Writer

Commonly referred to as the FX Chief™, Jared is the founder and CEO of MTI. He’s also the author of several forex courses, books and lessons offered by MTI.

Joshua Martinez
Featured Writer

Josh Martinez has been professionally analyzing the Forex for over three years, but has been exposed to the Forex his entire life. Forex runs in his blood.