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There’s still time to act on the FX 180° Trading Opportunity

Guest Post by Josh Martinez, FX Pathfinder I hope you’ve heard about this game-changing trading opportunity called the FX 180°. If not, prepare to be amazed. Here’s the break down: Two currency pairs. Two trading opportunities YEARS in the making. Potential moves [...] ?>

Headliner or Warm-Up Act?

Today was the release of the ADP Employment Report. The ADP report is often considered to be the warm-up band for the headline act – the U.S. Non-Farm Payroll Report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For this reason, many [...]
Jared Martinez
Featured Writer

Commonly referred to as the FX Chief™, Jared is the founder and CEO of MTI. He’s also the author of several forex courses, books and lessons offered by MTI.

Joshua Martinez
Featured Writer

Josh Martinez has been professionally analyzing the Forex for over three years, but has been exposed to the Forex his entire life. Forex runs in his blood.