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"From trades placed this morning, I'm up 309 pips. Still plenty more where that came from..."
- Joshua Martinez | MTI Lead Market Analyst

4X the Pips, 4X the Opportunity

Get the analysis and trading plans for four powerful currency pairs and how you could get in on the action.

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4X Trading Plan Webinar Details:

  • Get the pros' trading plan of attack on these movements

  • Market ceilings are forming. Learn how you could profit on the movement back down to the market floor

  • Find out ways you could double-dip this prediction by identifying trade setups on both long-term and short-term directional shifts

Get briefed by your market analyst in a 90-minute webinar. Don't wait. Get in on the action today!

* MTI 2014 Client Survey compared to the Profitability Analysis by Forex Capital Markets, LLC. for Quarter 4 in 2014.

What Traders Have to Say About MTI & MTI Predictions

what a wonderful day... i closed audcad +950p..6 trades..few trades left profit runs waiting to be limited out soon hopefully.

Ibrahim F.
MTI Student via Facebook

Closed AUDCAD and netted 165 pips today. Total of +334 pips net for the week.

Katarina M.
MTI Student via Facebook

After taking the UTP for two months, I have now started trading again live. I took two trades and was able to close 100 pips using the strategy that I learned in UTP. This is just the beginning and I'm excited for more.

Caren A..
MTI Student via Facebook