How this outcome could affect the market and you:

  • Changes in GBP pairs could help you profit on short-term moves, along with long-term payouts, and breakout to profits more than $66,0001
  • The “Pound Rebound” could be your ideal opportunity -- whether you’re a market buyer or a new trader
  • As other investors sit out and await the results of the “Brexit” vote, you have a chance to secure profits no matter what Great Britain decides
  • You can choose to take advantage of 1, 2, 3 or all 4 currency pairs expected to create pips in the “Pound Rebound”
  • Learn how to trade the Forex market successfully during a unique opportunity like the “Pound Rebound” to make yourself an even more confident investor when another chance like this arises

Our Students Were 88% More Profitable in 2015 2

Currently up 430 pips, with 1 closed at 45 pips up as well. MTI has been amazing in their teachings. Thank you again Josh and the MTI team.

Gavin V.

Gavin V

Following MTI rules really works: catched 270 pips on gbo/cad, and 130 pips on gbp/nzd.... with more discipline on my side and more confident could have gotten much more..... but still very happy. Thank you Josh for your teachings.

Massimo C.

Massimo C

I took the GBPJPY trade yesterday. 226 pips in the bank! Love the advice, and analysis

Don S.

Don S

2 Based on average in Q1, Q2, and Q4 from MTI 2015 Client Survey compared to the Profitability Analysis by Forex Capital Markets LLC. for 2015