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Market Report: Experts Warn of Drastic 13,720-pip U.S. Dollar Drop

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USD Plummets on 3/18/15 After FOMC Announcement

Notice to traders: Trader makes $23,854.39 on USD moves since March 19. Movements still underway. Sign up for webinar to get up-to-the-minute market updates and potential trading targets.

Live Market Report Breakdown:

  • For the past 7+ months, USD pairs have been caught in a bullish rally and now, after a month of indecision, the bears might be gaining the upper hand to drop 7 major USD cross pairs down to the market floor.
  • Using the USDX (the tell-all chart experts use to determine big shifts in USD pairs), pros are seeing critical USD health issues that could cause waves through all USD pairs, thus amplifying profit potential for prepared traders.
  • We're seeing the potential for 980 POINTS of movement on the USDX.
    (1 Point = 2 Pips)

Let's do the math --> 980 points on USDX x 2 = 1,960 in pip potential x 7 major cross pairs = 13,720 pips up for grabs

Turning this back into U.S. dollars makes for $137,200 for standard lot traders.

85% of MTI’s Forex Traders Were More Likely to Profit
than the average Forex trader1

what a wonderful day... i closed audcad +950p..6 trades..few trades left profit runs waiting to be limited out soon hopefully.

Ibrahim F.
MTI Student via Facebook

Closed AUDCAD and netted 165 pips today. Total of +334 pips net for the week.

Katarina M.
MTI Student via Facebook

After taking the UTP for two months, I have now started trading again live. I took two trades and was able to close 100 pips using the strategy that I learned in UTP. This is just the beginning and I'm excited for more.

MTI Student via Facebook