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Earn up to $7,995 and other rewards with MTI's Refer a Friend Program.

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3 Successful Referrals = Your UTP Free

Each referral that purchases the Ultimate Traders Package gets you closer to a 100% rebate on the UTP.

1 Successful Referral. Your Reward: 500 Dollar Rebate

2 Successful Referrals. Your Reward: 1000 Dollar Rebate

3 Successful Referrals. Your Reward: Full Tuition Reimburesment on your Ultimate Traders Package on Demand. Up to a 7,995 Dollar Value

4 or more Successful Referrals. Your Reward: 500 Dollars cash per referral

Referring Takes Just a Minute or Two

Simply fill out the form below to refer friends. We'll take care of the rest.

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3 Successful Referrals = Your UTP Free

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Let Me Help You Think of Referrals...

  • Someone dedicated,
  • Ready to change their life,
  • Looking to start making their money work harder for them,
  • And/or interested in learning about alternative investment opportunities.


  • You must have purchased the Ultimate Traders Package on Demandâ„¢ prior to participating in the referral program to be eligible.
  • The people you refer must purchase the Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™ for you to be eligible to receive the rebates on your education.

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