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Forex Market Reacts to News From Europe and China

The beginning of the week has been full of important news out of both Europe and China. Whether it’s the impromptu meetings in Europe or the increased lending from China, market reaction has been swift and very clear. In the [...] ?>

Greece Remains in Eurozone

The election is over. The euro stays. With Samara’s victory announcement, the Eurozone took a sigh of relief with Samara’s victory. The new democracy’s conservative leader supports the bailout previously offered to the country, but the good news may stop [...]
Jared Martinez
Featured Writer

Commonly referred to as the FX Chief™, Jared is the founder and CEO of MTI. He’s also the author of several forex courses, books and lessons offered by MTI.

Joshua Martinez
Featured Writer

Josh Martinez has been professionally analyzing the Forex for over three years, but has been exposed to the Forex his entire life. Forex runs in his blood.