103%* higher profits are possible with MTI

103%* higher profits are possible with MTI
January 21, 2016 Market Traders Institute

We talk a lot about the markets here on the Market Traders Institute blog, but sometimes we forget to “toot our own horn.”  We’re very proud of all of the training, tools and support we offer our students, and a recent analysis of our success gives us a good reason to talk about all we do.


Over the past two decades, Market Traders Institute (MTI) has empowered investors in the Forex, stock and options markets to trade “on their own, but never alone” with MTI’s dedicated support team helping every step of the way.


By offering lifetime education packages, live market analysis, trading systems, interactive lessons and personal account executives, we’ve created a training program for traders, by traders.


We combine performance-oriented financial education techniques, state-of-the-art trading and analysis software, online interactive market analysis rooms and comprehensive live and online support to help traders from all walks of life find the trading tools they need to create positive returns with their investments.


With 30,000+ students and counting, Market Traders Institute is determined to create successful traders. Our streamlined formula for trading success has made our students 103% more profitable than your average trader*.


Isn’t it time that you see what your trading account can really do?


Trading Help From Actual Traders


Unlike some companies where lessons come from automated messages or from marketers instead of real traders, MTI believes that the best way to help traders is to put them in touch with actual traders who care.


Our team has over 102+ years of combined experience and understands what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. We’re real people and we really care. Our team is more than 160+ strong and dedicated to your success and giving back to our community as we always strive to empower others.

The best way to discover how MTI works is to join us for one of our free upcoming webinars.  Just register for a free Forex webinar using the form below, or join us for our stock and options webinars at https://www.markettraders.com/stock-package/.

You’ll get a taste of the level of understanding and instruction we bring to our students every day, and you’ll also see how our expert analysts explain what’s happening in the markets clearly — and always with an eye on securing the best positions for future profits.

*MTI 2015 Client Survey compared to the Profitability Analysis by Forex Capital Markets LLC. for Quarter 2 in 2015

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