20 Trading Tips for Serious Investors

20 Trading Tips for Serious Investors
August 16, 2021 Market Traders Institute

With more than 25 years of MTI’s market data fueling your trading decisions, you are at an advantage. You don’t have to make the same costly mistakes that most new traders work through, but only if you can apply those lessons learned from the pros.

Get a head start in the market with these 20 Trading Tips list, which could help guide through some of the most critical decisions that all traders come across one at time or another. Plus, all tips come from a team of internationally-acclaimed market experts with over 50 years of trading experience amongst them so you know they’re the real deal.

Read on for a quick look at the tips that have been used by successful traders in the past. Learn how you could include this wisdom into your trades as early as tomorrow.

1. Together, support and resistance are your northern star for planning trades anytime of year.

2. Take a bird’s-eye view of the market for direction, but get up close and personal on the smaller time frames to find entries and exits.

3. Once your greed exceeds your need, your trades are going to bleed.

4. The best way to prepare for each quarter is to fine tune your trading strategy, utilizing the trending markets.

5. Cheap is not the same as good value.

6. If you buy out of the money, you will be out of money.

7. Hunt out daily directional moves that are so common at certain times of the year.

8. Keep a watchful eye on the larger time frames for overall market direction.

9. You could double your trading potential by taking both long and short-term trades on major market movements.

10. The right technical analysis eye is key. If one thing in your analysis is off, your trades could be in danger.

11. The most important thing any trader should do is find a successful mentor to help guide the way for them.

12. If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance.

13. You will never go broke taking a profit.

14. Always have proper expectations in trading. If you focus on generating an income over time, you can let your formula work for you.

15. Trading systems and consolidation are a match made in market heaven.

16. “If you’ve spent all year searching for the trading ‘holy grail,’ don’t waste your time doing the same thing next year. It doesn’t exist, but smart strategic trading does, and it makes more money for the time you’d spend searching for a magic trading key that doesn’t exist.” – Jared Martinez

17. You don’t always get what you pay for, but you do get what you don’t pay for.

18. Busy but still want to make big returns? Trade with indices to save time on analysis, but still have the know-how to place multiple strategic trades.

19. Exerting control over your trading returns is necessary. Key elements of your trades to keep under your control: lot size, choice of instrument, quality over quantity, and not giving in to market noise.

20. It’s better to lose a little by exiting a trade early, than to lose a lot because you let your emotions get the better of you.


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