3 Simple Ways to Revolutionize Your Trades

3 Simple Ways to Revolutionize Your Trades
April 16, 2015 Market Traders Institute

Q2 is on the way. Has your trading improved? If you’re stuck in the same place, maybe it’s time to revolutionize your trades.

You could revamp your entire trading strategy, but that could be risky. After all, you’ve already spent tons of time trying to perfect it. Change it up entirely, and it’s back to the trading lab for you.

So, how can you revolutionize your trading without redoing everything you’ve learned?

These 3 simple features and trading habits could be your answer…

1) Automatic Fibonaccis

It’s no secret, Forex traders are huge fans of the Fibonacci. This simple mathematical equation can be used on every market and any chart. Allowing you to spot the creme de la creme of possible market entries, exits and directional shifts.

And if that wasn’t tasty enough, there are some charting software platforms that allow you to utilize this time-saving tool automatically. Talk about a time saver!

With the Fibs out of the way, you’ll have more time to focus on your technical analysis, which in turn could help you place more winning trades.

2) Save Your Workspaces

Remember writing papers in college? Your professor always told you to save your work, but you didn’t listen! Two large thunderstorms and one power outage later — your work was gone forever. Could you imagine if that happened with your charts?

The ability to save your workspaces is crucial if you want to revolutionize the way you trade. Set up your chart in a way that works best with your trading style. Save it and revisit it whenever you need to. Once you save your workspace, you have the option to share it with your trading buddies to help them improve their trades.

3) Place Basket Orders

If you haven’t placed a basket trade before, this could be the optimal time. Basket trades allow you to trade multiple currency pairs at once, saving you time and allowing you to capitalize on more money. In fact, it’s the very reason a “10-year-in-the-making” trading opportunity  (an opportunity between +7,9292 – +13,302 pips to be exact) is popping up on elite traders’ radars. We’re calling it the Pound Breakout, and we’ll be giving you more details about it shortly!

Basket trading a favorite strategy of Jose Tormos, aka FX MVP, because it gives him the opportunity to make the same amount of pips in half the time, or double the amount of pips in the same amount of time.

As traders ourselves, we know how integral these three forex trading strategies could be to your trading success. So give these strategies a shot, you couldn’t pick a better time than now. We’re expecting a ton of momentum to take place over the next month with GBP pairs and the Pound Breakout prediction — we’ll be releasing more info shortly!

Until then, much prosperity and plenty of pips to you!


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