360Pro Trading Circle Accelerator Guide

360Pro Trading Circle Accelerator Guide
October 20, 2021 Product Education

360Pro Trading Circle Accelerator Guide

What happens after you sign up for the 360Pro Trading Circle? Where do you go? What benefit will this subscription offer you immediately and what’s worth waiting for?

Well, we hope to answer that in this post!

To guide you through the 360Pro Trading Circle quickly so you can make the most out of each session!

To start things off – the 360Pro Trading Circle consists of four trading rooms around four different market experts and you can definitely fill your entire week with these rooms (think of the possibilities!).

For the fastest start though – let’s go over all of the resources you have access to and where to find them, then we’ll highlight the frequently used resources again for faster access. 

WHERE TO GO: The two primary places you’ll go to access the Trading Rooms and Trading Room Resources are SmartTrader and MTI’s Online University. 

  1. SmartTrader Trading Rooms provide access to the Trading Room itself and a few resources, like the Trading Room Dashboards. The SmartTrader Trading Rooms contain the live chat room (where the sessions take place), session archives, and access to the trading room dashboards. With the 360Pro Trading Circle, you get access to the 360Pro Dashboard – which combines the directional bias for all four trading rooms to provide a central bias for all traders.
  2. Now if all you did was the above, you’d be fine – you’ll have access to all of the core resources available to you. However, you also have access to MTI’s Online University Classrooms. With 360Pro Trading Circle, you will get access to four different classrooms (one for each individual trading room). Here you can access guide books, cheatsheets, lesson videos to help with the concepts and strategies used in each room, and links to the Trading Room and Trading Room Dashboards.

No matter where your starting part is when joining a trading room, you can get up to speed to be ready to trade with our experienced team and your new trading room community.


  • Money Flow Trading Room (Mondays 8:30 AM ET) – Join Tyson Clayton as he starts off the week using his Money Flow scoring system. What this does is narrow the opportunities to identify and be ready as the early week noise dies down – and clears up the weekly trading opportunities. This is great for traders with smaller accounts or those that want to only focus on a small number of trades each week.
  • FLEX Trading Room (Tuesday – Thursday 8:00 AM ET) – Join Chris Pulver as he dives into the markets (that’s right, not JUST the Forex) to provide a multi-market view on the trading world and how it impacts each market. This is a very detailed trading room where he uses Price Action technical analysis and combines it with easy to understand strategies. If you want to remain flexible in your trading style and strategies, this is the room for you.
  • Hybrid Trading Room (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 AM ET) – Gary Fichardt shows you how to “Hybrid” Trade – using Automation along with analysis to know what strategies to deploy and on the best time frames. His approach is specific and methodical. If you want to focus more on account growth (percent gain) over calculating pips – this is the room for you.
  • Fibs and Formations Trading Room (Fridays 10:00 AM ET) – The FXCHIEF™ Jared Martinez takes technical analysis and Fibonacci Trading to a whole new level. Jared focuses on 28 Currency Pairs using multi-time frames and technical analysis to find trading positions when the market is moving very little, for clear decisions when the Sunday Market Open hits. Jared is a great mentor and provides wisdom with his technical analysis to ensure traders follow a constitution and set strategy and follow it to a “T.” Traders of any skill level that focus on Swing trading and technical analysis will find this room beneficial.

If you’d like to get access to 360Pro Trading Circle, click here. And, if you already own 360Pro Trading Circle access, simply log into the Online University!

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