4 ways to make money at home
November 9, 2016 Market Traders Institute
4 ways to make money at home

Many people would like to become entrepreneurs, for the simple reasons that entrepreneurs set their own schedules, create their own business opportunities, and maybe most important of all, serve as their own bosses!

However, the usual concept offered to new entrepreneurs is to start a “home business,” which can, for some, seem a bit overwhelming.

Just because you don’t want to worry about paying your bills shouldn’t mean that your garage has to be filled with antiques to sell on eBay or Craigslist, and just because you don’t want to drive to an office every weekday shouldn’t require you to evict your daughter from her room (so you can create a space to assemble your cutting-edge cat carriers).

Here are four home business ideas you can try that don’t require you to have extra space in your home (or even be at home!) to profit:

1. CREATE EARNINGS DIGITALLY.  This type of “home business” requires only a computer and a connection to the Internet, which means you could bring your laptop (or iPad) to Starbucks and satisfy the real estate requirement of this opportunity.  Research on the web reveals dozens of online chances to earn money — by filling out surveys, reviewing products, or sometimes even just watching videos.  Now, there’s usually not much money offered to fulfill these tasks, but sites like Swagbucks.com and CashCrate.com will pay you to, well… sit in Starbucks with your laptop!

2. BECOME A WRITER.  Many writers work from their homes, of course, but these days anywhere you can bring your writing materials — whether notebook and pen, as used by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling (when she was actually homeless!) or some type of digital device — you can sell your work through sites like Freelancer.com or IZEA.com.  Writers who began by selling their own works include blockbuster authors like Stephenie Meyer (of the Twilight series) and E.L. James (of the Fifty Shades of Grey books).  Admittedly, having writing talent helps make this option more viable — but there are so many outlets looking for quality content these days that becoming a writer is a possible career for more and more people.

3. CLEANING UP.  You may want to do some of your cleaning at home, but there are many cleaning home businesses that allow you to work elsewhere. Opportunities exist to clean boats, cars and (other people’s) homes, and you can even expand upon this business and become a home inspector.  Most entrepreneurs who choose this line of work keep their equipment in a truck or van, which means your own house can stay uncluttered (and clean!)

4. INVEST IN YOURSELF. Not too long ago it was difficult to trade equities, futures and securities from your personal computer (not to mention a computer you use at the library), but now opportunities exist online to make real profits by understanding and investing in the markets. Often overlooked, investing in the Forex market is one of the best systems for making real full-time money while working a fraction of a typical work week. $5.3 trillion dollars is traded every day in the Forex market — enough to pay off the U.S. national debt in 4 days — and not much is required to start out as a new trader.  

However, many people don’t understand how to tap into this rich source of wealth, which is why education should be your first step before attempting to make Forex trading your new “home business.” Best of all, for entrepreneurs the Forex market is available for trading 24 hours a day for 5 ½ days each week, which gives you many ways to schedule your free time for rewarding family (or self-satisfying) activities.

This is just a small sample of the new businesses an entrepreneur might choose in place of a classic 9 to 5 career. If you don’t want to bring your new home business home with you, seek out an option that allows you to keep your business life separate from your home life — and remember:  Your next home business may not even require you to use your home!

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