An Inside Look at MTI’s Family of Traders

An Inside Look at MTI’s Family of Traders
June 29, 2021 Market Traders Institute

Did you know that Market Traders Institute has a large Facebook community called the MTI Family of Traders? The online community is free to join and gives active MTI students access to new trading opportunities, expertise from seasoned Forex traders and exclusive access to live market webinars, including the London Daybreak.

We asked MTI’s Joe Cavallaro, a Senior Forex Analyst and active member of the Family of Traders, to discuss what makes the site such a special networking place for traders.

Can you describe the Family of Traders and the content featured?

Cavallaro: There are about 3,900 members in the Family of Traders. But I think it’s an underutilized resource for MTI students. The community aspect gives our members a way to connect and a sense of confidence for their trading. That’s why I think it’s a valuable resource.

It’s become more of a sharing environment for our traders to engage with each other. You might see someone post to ask, “Tony, how’d you do this week on the new FX Wave Slicer?” Also, some members may help give others an idea of how to trade and build size and positions.

Here’s another example: “Nick, take a look at the $1,000 I made the other day and my London Daybreak recap.” You may see a post about something helpful that we have at MTI that could point you towards Tyson Clayton’s latest trade setup or another of our analysts.

On a small scale, what’s posted on the site now is the content we are looking for people to share. What I’ve been doing is eliciting feedback from our members as well. I hope other people see my posts and start thinking, “You know what? I’m going to share a little bit of my trading experience too.”

Who are the people that are in the community? Is it a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced traders?

Cavallaro:  Since it is a community of our students I think that you’re going to have a blend of beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. But by saying “advanced” what do we actually mean? Do we mean somebody that’s got a long period of experience with MTI? Do we mean somebody that’s doing a lot of trading and having a high degree of success?

Sometimes we use terms assuming that we know what the other person means when it comes to trading. Well, do you know who’s advanced as a trader? Nobody. Here’s why: because trading is a simple process. It’s buy low, sell high, read the chart.

So I don’t ever want to try to define those trader categories because too many people will stop themselves from joining our community having misunderstood that they weren’t invited. And my message to them is, “Everybody’s invited to join and that’s the whole point behind the Family of Traders.”

What do you hope that community members will get from joining?

Cavallaro: I hope they understand that it’s a helpful touch point for all our students. It’s a touch point for some real interesting content when it comes to seeing how people trade. That’s what I’ve tried to provide our members.

The community also provides a place for them to be made aware of trading sessions that we offer such as the London Daybreak session. Too many times people are missing out on great stuff just because they didn’t know that we were offering it.

For example, the London Daybreak is held at three o’clock in the morning, Eastern time. Most of our clients don’t even know we’re offering it. And then when they show up to the session, they say, “Whoa, that was pretty good.”

So we’ll tell our students, “Don’t forget to check the MTI Family of Traders, where Joe will post the London Daybreak strategy results.” Now, even if you don’t attend the session, you still might go to Family of Traders to see the results.

Any last words about the Family of Traders? 

Cavallaro: We’re offering great trading ideas. We’re offering strategy results, special invitations and content that captures the trader’s mindset. We want students to make sure they subscribe to the page. So that way when those new items get posted, they are made aware of them.

The more we can establish a strong community then the more of a valuable resource that’s going to be for our students. It’s designed to be a fun place, so come have fun with our group.

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