Apple is Looking Golden…Literally

Apple is Looking Golden…Literally
April 15, 2016 Market Traders Institute

Golden Apple

Apple is looking golden…literally.

File this under “Who’da thunk it?”.


It’s being reported that due to Apple’s (NYSE: AAPL) electronics recycling program the tech giant has recouped a ton of gold.


Not a ton as in “a lot”, a ton as in literally over 2000 pounds of gold.


At gold’s current trading price of $1,229.80 per ounce, that equals just under $40 million!


Gold is often added to the internal circuits of computers because of its ability to conduct electricity, so it can be assumed that a lot of the gold was recovered from inside the devices.  However, in recent years, gold was used for decoration on higher-end Apple Watches and iPhones.


Gold isn’t the only precious metal that Apple recouped. They also found 6,612 pounds of silver ($1,711,714) and 2,953,360 pounds of copper ($6,408,791).


Jump to page 17 of this report to see all of the materials Apple gained with their recycling program.


News like this is surely going to boost investor confidence in Apple, but a single share of AAPL is over $100.  Find out how you can trade the big stocks like AAPL, AMZN and GOOG without owning a single share by joining a FREE webinar today.


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