Back Where They Started

Back Where They Started
December 30, 2015 Market Traders Institute

In today’s New York Times, financial writer Neil Irwin has an article entitled, “Financial Markets Were Flat in 2015. Thank Goodness”.

The title refers to the fact that many markets — including U.S. stocks, corporate bonds and global stocks — ended the year near where they began 2015.

However, the title does not take into account the movement that happened over the course of the year — movement that our MTI students use to create profits.

10% in both directions

Here’s a chart illustrating the movement of these markets this year:

The year end shows U.S. stocks, corporate bonds and global stocks returning very near to where they began 2015 (with emerging market stocks about 18% below where they began).  However, stocks managed to both rise and fall 10% during the course of the year (I’m sure you remember that fall in August!).

This is where money is made in stocks and options, and in the Forex market as well.  It’s all about the movement, and being able to trade in a way that takes advantage of the natural movements of markets.

Does a Year Matter

While this columnist considers 2015 a “meh” year because the markets returned to where they started 12 months before, it didn’t stop our trainers and students from earning profits from the movements that happened between January and December.

Right now, what matters much more is what the markets will do next.  (The year timeframe is also an artificial construct  — the markets often move in somewhat predictable ways at different times of the year, but they don’t care that 2015 is ending and 2016 is beginning!).

Start Your New Year Right

Our market experts are watching to see what could happen next in the Forex market (where our own Joshua Martinez will be revealing his 2016 market move prediction very soon) and in stocks and options.

This is where you can come in — by joining our webinars right now and staying up with our analysts as we see how the markets move in the coming months (and what can be done to profit most from those movements).  Sign up today for a free Forex webinar using the form below, or if you’re interested in stocks and options, register here!


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