Tips for finding the best Forex trading course

Tips for finding the best Forex trading course
October 12, 2018 Market Traders Institute

If you are looking to begin trading foreign exchange markets, the first critical step is to take a Forex trading course. Even the most experienced traders benefit from courses to hone their skills and perfect strategies.

Unlike the stock market, Forex is highly liquid, with high leverage and low margins. Treating the Forex market like stocks will result in failure. To see success, find a Forex training course that covers key concepts, strategies and techniques to put your best foot forward before beginning to trade Forex.

Know your Forex trading course options

  • Online courses
  • In-person seminars
  • Personalized training

Online courses

Online courses provide self-guided learning similar to an online program in college level coursework. Theses classes can include live and recorded instruction from an expert trader, videos, eBooks, slides, quizzes and trading demonstrations. If you choose this path you will move through the coursework at your own pace and can choose to move on to more intermediate and advance courses upon completion.

Online trading courses are a great option for those that have limited knowledge and time. Since you take the course at your own pace, the time to complete is your choice.

In person seminars

If you prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment, many Forex educators offer in-person “bootcamp” style courses. If you are looking to learn all the basics in 2-3 days, this may be the right option for you. These Forex training seminars often include coaching sessions and demonstrations, along with traditional lectures. Students also have opportunities to meet others learning about Forex trading.

Personalized training

For students that prefer a one-on-one approach, personalized training is worth exploring. This option allows you to tailor instruction and your learning pace to your individualized needs. This does come with a price tag. Typically, these types of trading courses are best suited for students who have already completed introductory training and are looking to improve a strategy.

Compare your course choices

Before you register for your course, there are a few things to consider:


Forex trading courses can range from free to several thousand dollars. Comprehensive courses that include mentoring, demonstrations, trading account set up and charting software come with a price tag. Students serious about trading foreign exchange markets should paying for one of these courses. A free online course may not be as comprehensive as a paid course, but is still a great starting point if you are just exploring the idea Forex trading.


Learning to trade Forex takes time. Professional traders dedicate hours studying the markets and continuing their education to improve their success. Education programs for beginners can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks to master. Determining just how much time you are willing to commit to you Forex education is essential before enrolling in a course. Remember: you need to spend time learning the market before you trade it!


Course reputation and company reputation are extremely important when selecting your trading education provider. Read reviews from students who completed the course and of the company. Do they provide a comprehensive program? Do students finish the program feeling prepared to begin trading?

Leave the scammers, find the educators

Popularity of Forex trading and day trading is on the rise. With that comes individuals and companies seeking to profit from customers in dubious ways. There has also been a rise of multi level marketing schemes related to Forex trading. These companies claim to trade for you in exchange for recruiting other traders. Beginning traders need to steer clear of these scammers.

”500% return on profits!”… “Make 800 Pips in one trade!” …. “Win 100% of your trades, never lose!”

In general, any company promising the world, no losses or extreme overnight profits is a scam. Trading is hard work that requires patience, discipline and analysis. Even the best traders experience periods of loss. As always. check terms and conditions and always read reviews before committing.

Is a structured trading course right for you?

Perhaps you prefer to learn on your own. Self-learning on the internet is a popular way for most of us to gather information in the 21st century. Forex is no different. There is a wealth of free information available online, from eBooks, to free articles and technical strategies. Just make sure the information is from a reliable source in trading before proceeding.

Exploring the internet can also be great for those unsure about paying for a course. If you are just beginning your journey into Forex trading, reading blogs and free educational sources is a great start, just do not eliminate the value of a professionally taught course. Many experts truly value teaching their strategies to others.

Options for experienced traders

Even experienced traders should continue their Forex education. Forex markets are constantly changing due to their speculative nature. Traders dedicate many hours to creating new strategies and tools that improve predictability and profitability in the markets. To stay ahead, advanced trading courses are needed even for even the most successful traders. Forex trading is a learning curve, where students should always seek to learn new techniques.

Diving in

Before any real currency on the Forex markets, seek education from a reliable source. Whether you choose an online, in person or individual program is your choice, but never trade your hard-earned capital before understanding the ins and outs of Forex. Even experienced traders lose money when trading Forex, and need to continue their education and perfect techniques. Make sure you are prepared with all of the tools, techniques and strategies to have the best experience possible.

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