Brexit Vote is on a “Knife-Edge”

On the Edge of the Brexit Vote
Brexit Vote is on a “Knife-Edge”
June 13, 2016 Market Traders Institute
On the Edge of the Brexit Vote

Yesterday, the United Kingdom’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne asked business who are pro-European Union to speak out — as polls continue to suggest that the popular vote might call for the UK to leave the bloc.

No Time to Sit Out

Osborne said, “People who are concerned or businesses who are concerned or investors who are concerned about the prospect of Britain leaving the EU should speak up. This is not the moment for businesses to sit it out.”

Labour and Conservative Together

Osborne, a member of the Conservative Party, was joined by his opposition — former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who also spoke on behalf of remaining in the EU. “It makes sense to set minimum standards across Europe,” Brown said in a speech. “Maternity pay, gender equality, holiday pay, a maximum working week — all gained from Europe.”

Anxiety Fuels the Markets

Late last week, one poll showed a 10-point lead for leaving the EU, which led to global stocks sinding and the pound dropping to an eight-week low.  Volatility remains extraordinarily high, which is why Forex traders are seeking the best strategies in the remaining days before the Brexit vote hits.

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