Oil & Forex: Great USD Setups for the Upcoming Price Caps

Forex traders often focus on one of the three major sessions (Tokyo, London, and New York), rather than attempt to trade the markets 24 hours per day. Join the Analyst On Demand Trading Room, where Tian Kriek shares his pro strategies for trading the New York Session. In today’s issue,

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Top 3 USD Pairs & Forex Strategies to Trade the Current Market

No single currency is traded completely independent of the other in the Forex market and various market conditions can affect currency pairs in different ways. Let’s understand which are our top USD pairs and how you can trade USD setups in this market.  Chris Pulver is a full-time trader and

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How to Trade USD Pairs in the Election-led Market Volatility

Tad DeVan is a Senior Forex Analyst for Market Traders Institute and host of the Ignite Trading Room. Ignite Trading Room is FREE to join for active SmartTrader users.    The U.S. midterm elections are almost here. The results on November 8th will heavily shape Biden’s ability to roll out

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How to Trade the Non-farm Payroll Report for Potential Forex Gains

Tyson and Chris are the creators of the groundbreaking Equities on Demand training program, which seeks to help you master your equities and options trading game. For more information, watch our Equities on Demand video here. The markets move in tandem with the economy. Any positive or negative reporting in

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