VPS Designed for Forex Traders Offers Competitive Rates and Services

VPS Designed for Forex Traders Offers Competitive Rates and Services
March 20, 2020 Devi Blackwell

VPS Designed for Forex Traders Offers Competitive Rates and Services

More and more traders are turning to automation to capture pips while they’re away from their computer. While automated scripts and systems allow traders to run charting scripts and systems behind the scenes, many traders’ machines have experienced challenges when trying to juggle more than one automation at a time.

First, What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Think of a VPS as another computer you have in the Cloud that is always connected to the internet and NEVER shuts off. You might have also heard it referred to as a Virtual Machine (VM).

Running automated trading systems such as Smart Scripts or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) expert advisors every day on a normal computer can pose challenges for all types of traders because of the need to (1) remain connected to the internet and (2) keep up with the performance of running automated scripts.

Having a VPS allows you to run all of your scripts, systems, robots, expert advisors, etc. without interruption while allowing your personal computer to sleep, restart, or shut down. This also allows you to access your automation from any device and see how things are going and manage your systems accordingly.

Our VPS has the correct security, redundancy and backups but also has the necessary configuration to allow broker connections to route traffic efficiently and correctly. – Alberto E. | ChartingVPS.com

When Do Forex Traders Need a VPS?

Here are some reasons you may think of investing in a VPS.
  • If you plan to use automated strategies. Designed to help you enter the market automatically while you learn and master the course strategy. A VPS will also ensure that all trading alerts will be sent to you the moment they are triggered.
  • If you want to carry out trades while you’re away. Depending on your automation setup, trades will be able to execute automatically and you’ll be able to remotely access your system from any desktop, tablet, phone, etc.
  • If you need extra space on your PC. If you find your computer crashing or struggling to manage automation, it may be time to make the switch. Many traders find their needs for increased storage to extend beyond trading, like music, video, photos, etc. That’s the beauty of having your own server!

How to Choose Your VPS Provider


You’ll need at least 2 vCPU to get started in automation; however, this could vary based on the type of automation you’re using. The x-small plan on ChartingVPS.com is perfect for handling at least 1 SmartTrader automation and ideal for traders just getting spun up.


The average size for each auto system is 1GB. Therefore, if you are running three automated systems, go for a 3GB or 4GB server. Anything less, and your system might not be able to handle the automation. ChartingVPS.com‘s small plan is great for running traders who are looking for multiple automated strategies, but are on a budget.


With any operating system, it’s important to be protected. Most traders will recommend you have an anti-virus program like BitDefender (which is 100% included in all ChartingVPS packages).

Other VPS Perks

VPS services typically will offer additional perks for using their services. ChartingVPS, for example, includes an operating system license for every core and VPS. You could be saving around $40/month in extra fees. ChartingVPS also provides in-house support to handle any requests you may have about your VPS, plus a complimentary setup service.

Getting the Most Competitive Rates

Services like ChartingVPS.com were designed to enable Forex traders the tools to keep up with today’s automation requirements. They have 5 competitive plans with an XL plan, that lets you trade up to nine SmartTrader automated strategies at one time. This makes it a powerful tool for the power trader. Check them out here.
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