Chief Chats | It’s Not What You Know…

Chief Chats | It’s Not What You Know…
December 2, 2013 Market Traders Institute

The FX Chief™, founder and active CEO of Market Traders Institute (a renowned Forex educator), is now mentoring all traders across the globe in his Chief Chats series. In each brief video, the FX Chief™ personally tackles prominent Forex issues from the trader’s mentality to help investors understand what makes the Forex such a powerful investment tool as well as how one could tame it.

In this installment of Chief Chats, “it’s not what you know or don’t know that can hurt you in the Forex market. It’s what you THINK you know that isn’t so, that will ultimately destroy you.” That quote from the FX Chief and the rest of this installment of Chief Chats describes this and other misconceptions about how the market works debunked through the education and methodologies offered by MTI as well as the 20+ years of trading experience that made Jared who he is today. Watch the video below to learn how you can take advantage of this market instead of letting this market take advantage of you.

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