EUR/USD Pushes to the North Over Last Five Days

EUR/USD Pushes to the North Over Last Five Days
January 25, 2012 Market Traders Institute

After almost two months of falling, the EUR/USD is headed north. Over the last five days, the EUR/USD pair has pushed over 400 PIPs to the north. If you want to be able to capitalize on market movements such as this, it is important to know when to pay attention to the Macro “Big Picture” and when to pay attention to the Micro “Small Picture”.

The last few days have been a great example of this “Big vs. Little” picture. Most would agree Europe has a difficult year ahead of them and the Euro could be very volatile throughout the year. Understanding how to identify shorter term trends like the one below could help you break the cycle of capturing PIPs only to give them back during a market shift.

The chart below shows the EUR/USD 1600 PIP dip and the direction it’s headed:
EUR/USD falls 1600 PIPS

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