Forex Charting Software adds Gold, Platinum, Oil and Silver Feeds for Increased Trading Insight

LAKE MARY, Fla. (Nov. 5, 2013) – Currency traders now have the ability to add various price feeds to their Forex charting software in order to use these indicators to place more educated trades. Now, traders can add gold, platinum, silver and oil price feeds right on their main dashboard with MTI 4.0 Charting Software in a few easy steps.

“There’s a lot of currency trading insights that you can get from looking at the price feeds of other financial markets,” said Joshua Martinez, head analyst at Market Traders Institute. “By allowing traders to view these price points while looking at their Forex charts in real time, they can make better trading positions happen through a knowledge of other economic indicators seen through gold and oil prices for example.”

By spot testing trading investments using the gold market per se, a trader can take a more well-rounded and tested strategy placing their trades which could limit their risk in trading. It is known in the investment markets that when the U.S. dollar is weak, gold and oil prices tend to rise due to the fact that their values are directly tied to the USD. When traders are able to see these price indicators in real time, they can verify their market direction hypothesis before risking their money in a trade. Based on good equity management practices in the Forex industry, having additional checks to back up market directional predictions, this extra validation helps to give traders more confidence in taking their next position. More information on how these indicators could be used in Forex trading and more are being covered in live webinars throughout the week. Interested traders can sign up here.

For step-by-step instructions for installing these price feeds into MTI 4.0 Charting Software, view the instruction video here:

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