Forex trading is for everyone, not just professionals

Forex trading is for everyone, not just professionals
August 7, 2020 Market Traders Institute

Most people have their retirement money in mutual funds or stocks.  Some people have taken to the time to learn about and trade options.  But few people know about Forex and fewer still think they should trade currencies. 

But the truth is that the Forex market is for anyone.  It hasn’t always been this way.  Historically, only large companies and institutions, banks and very wealthy individuals have been able to play the Forex.  But with the advent of online brokers and free tools like those found at, this market has been opened up to everyone.

The Forex is the world’s largest market by far.  It’s the most liquid market (meaning it gives you the fairest prices) and it has other benefits not available to those who only trade in traditional markets like stock and options.

First, the Forex is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week.  What this means, is that Forex traders don’t have to suffer any crazy losses because they were in an investment that opened up much lower than it closed the day before.  There is no “gapping.”  If something is announced and prices start to move quickly, the market will trade through your stops, not skip them, saving you money and giving you opportunity to adapt and profit during changing market conditions..

Second, the Forex market provides for significant leverage.  In some cases and with some brokers, this leverage can be as high as 100:1 which means $1,000 invested will trade like it’s $100,000.  This makes it possible for even smaller accounts to generate significant dollar returns compared to anything the stock or options market could provide given the same percentage move.

Third, the Forex market is quick-moving.  For people interested in making a lot of money fast, markets that move faster and provide better leverage are the best choice.  Quick-moving markets like the Forex are like the three-point shot in basketball.  They’re harder to make, but they can really turn a game around.  Most people are scared of volatility but those who understand the game love higher volatility because it means profits can be made quickly.  As long as the trader has the emotional discipline to cut their losses short and let their profits run, the Forex market is the perfect place to be.

Fourth the Forex market is decentralized.  There is no market maker to play their insider games or manipulate the market in ways that cost you money.

Fifth and finally, the Forex market trades currencies based on the economies of major economic regions (such as the U.S. and Japan) which means expectations about GDP or economic signals announced by various counties affect the price.  In the stock market many more things affect price including insider manipulation, poor management, industry group news, upper management scandal, cooking of the books and so on.  Trading the Forex removes all these additional risks, making it simpler and easier to focus on the few levers affecting price. 

If you haven’t already started to look at Forex as a great place to help you grow your accounts quickly, consider it.  Yes, the terminology might be new and it might feel intimidating…but tools such as those found on make it so much easier for you to get successfully started in Forex.  

Below is a screenshot of SmartTrader’s tool showing an hour chart of the EUR/USD.  Notice the elements on the left side and down at the bottom of the chart. makes it easy to connect your broker to world-class charting tools, making it even easier to take advantage of quick moves and volatile markets.  If you worry about your financial future or wonder if you’ll ever be able to achieve full financial freedom, you owe it to yourself to explore the Forex as a possible investment vehicle.


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