Good news creates opportunities

The positive Non-Farm Payroll Report on Friday helped stocks rally ahead of an almost-certain rate hike after the FOMC meeting later this month.  The report also helped both the USD rise and created gains for gold and base metals.

Also on Friday, OPEC failed to agree on a new output ceiling, and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will keep producing oil even as the current surplus is keeping prices near or below $40 per barrel.

Taking a breather

CNBC reported that after Friday’s news and the subsequent rally, “Markets are in full tilt, with big shifts in currencies, yields and commodities prices in the past week. But they are also primed for a Fed rate hike Dec. 16, after Friday’s 211,000 November nonfarm payrolls showed a continuing solid trend of job creation.”

The forecast for this week?  “After several days of wild volatility, the stock market may use the coming week to catch its breath, as it waits for the Fed to end the historic era of zero interest rates later this month.”

Time to make moves

But even if the markets decide to slow down a bit for a week, some reports scheduled for release may provide new opportunities for investors.  This Friday, we’ll see November retail sales and consumer sentiment, which may provide fodder for profit-generating trades before the holidays.  We’ll also see how strong the dollar remains, and the effect that will have on its currency pairs.

All of these factors make this week a perfect time to join us for our free webinars, where we analyze every force having an impact on stocks, options and currencies.  If an interest rate hike is indeed a sure thing, we’ll continue to provide the best strategies for succeeding before it happens, and we’ll also share the best ways after the Fed meets to make a hike work for you .

Stay busy this week

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