Greece Postpones Decision to Accept Bailout Package

Greece Postpones Decision to Accept Bailout Package
February 8, 2012 Market Traders Institute

The world, including Forex traders, have been waiting all week to find out whether or not Greece will accept a second bailout package worth 130 billion Euros. The Greeks have been postponing their decision all week — possibly in an attempt to receive as much aid as possible before their first debt repayment is due in mid-March. A possible default could have devastating effects within the Eurozone and the world.

Greece’s postponed decision has led the EUR/USD currency pair to move primarily sideways this week. This sideways movement is not only showing educated traders where to get in, but as well as where to get out based on analysis and understanding.

Over the next few days, the Forex market could provide several favorable trading opportunities. In the chart below, you’ll see how Shawn has analyzed market activity to spot at least one possible trading opportunity of 1,600 pips!

Shawn's Technical AnalysisForex trading requires a firm understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis. Learning how to combine both types of analysis can help Forex traders make educated, non-emotional trading decisions.

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