“Historic” means money. Lots of it.

“Historic” means money. Lots of it.
April 5, 2016 APaul

Historic events in the market don’t show up all that often (that’s why they call them “historic”.)

Anytime you hear the words “historic”, the market might as well be screaming for you to pay attention. What’s it screaming? “This is what you’ve been waiting for!”, “This can put you over the top”, “This can make your year” and do it in short order.

Do you know a realtor?  The best ones I know grind out their smaller sales every month as their base but they make their “hits” on a few BIG houses a year. Just 2 or 3 closings that make the difference between making a nice living and making a great living. Just one big event every 4 or 6 months.  

For traders, it’s the same. When the big events show up, we have to be the most prepared, the most focused and the most able to take those ideas and turn them into actions.

In August 2015 we saw historic moves in the currency market. The move was phenomenal and lasted a couple months. What did you do? Trade currencies? Trade a dollar index ETF? Or watch it go by?  

December 2015 and January 2016 were historic lows on oil. Newsflash, oil rebounded from $26 to $40 a barrel in a manner of weeks. That’s 54%. Did you trade a futures contract? An Oil ETF? The dollar as a counter-move or the Oil Servicing companies? Or did you watch oil move 54% without you?  

We all want to make money and make it quickly. You have to take action when things are historic. It’s not hard. You take a position and trade with a stop. You have to get your head around the idea that you might have to trade an entry or two (or three) before the direction and profits show up in earnest. Once you get the first one right, you add to the position and lever your win. That’s just how it works.  

Right now, Natural Gas is near a 17 year low. How are you going to make money with it?

Look this up: The UGAZ is a Natural Gas ETF that trades 3 times the velocity of the actual market. It’s an awesome trading vehicle, but it is akin to driving a Ferrari. It’s super- fast, high-tuned and hyper-sensitive. I know how to drive it. It’s why I’ll make money with it. If you want to learn how to drive this Ferrari and how to make money on historic events, join my team for live workshops here:  


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