Former Students Launched Jumpstart Training Room to Help Forex Traders

Former Students Launched Jumpstart Training Room to Help Forex Traders
June 2, 2021 Market Traders Institute

The Jumpstart Training Room is FREE to join for active SmartTrader users.

You’ve heard that experience is the best teacher, but as it turns out experience can also make you a great trainer. Denise Atkinson and Michael Rinderknecht are both perfect examples of former Market Traders Institute students who rose to become master instructors by combining their previous trading experience together with the education they received from MTI.

Denise and Michael have recently joined forces to develop and launch MTI’s Jumpstart Training Room, a 12-week, live training room series designed to help new and/or struggling students learn how to trade and know where to access all of the resources they have available to them through SmartTrader and MT4.

The two trainers answer student questions and review specific features and other resources MTI has to offer. The sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:30 – 4:30 PM ET.

Prior to joining MTI, Denise worked as a nurse and later switched careers to trade options on the fast-paced floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Over time, she had moved over to the compliance side of trading before stumbling upon an MTI webinar that changed her career path again.

“I had never done any [technical] analysis before as an options trader,” said Denise. “So foreign currencies opened up a whole new world for me on how to approach trading. I really enjoyed it and I jumped on board with every new training that MTI came out with.”

Michael’s journey from beginner to trainer was quite different from that of Denise.  After earning an engineering degree in college, he spent years working in management for a computer networking firm.

The company had given Michael some stock options, which got him interested in investing. He experienced enough market success over the years to let him leave engineering and become a full-time trader.

Michael started trading the Forex market after coming across an MTI video, which eventually led him to serve as a training room moderator along with Denise.

“We had noticed that there were a lot of people in the trading rooms that were just new to trading or they were struggling,” he said. “So Denise and I and a few other experienced traders started answering those beginner student questions. That’s when MTI approached us and asked if we’d like to be moderators for the trading rooms.”

Denise and Michael agree that even though they’ve each achieved significant success, they’re still not so far removed from their days as novice traders. This gives them a different perspective than some of the more seasoned traders who are trading with larger accounts. It also allows the two trainers to personally relate to the challenges of trying to quickly grow small accounts while simultaneously learning to trade Forex.

They believe that their role as JumpStart trainers is very different from that of MTI’s pro analysts whose trading rooms are more focused on finding market opportunities rather than on teaching basic trading skills. The Jumpstart sessions are able to answer a large variety of audience questions because the trainers have more time to work with students individually.

Both Jumpstart trainers say that the student response has been incredibly positive so far. A recent survey found that 71% of Jumpstart participants made significant changes to their trading methods and an additional 9% made minor changes because of what they learned. Also, 98% of those students reported that they would attend a future session if offered.


Jumpstart covers some unique topics and provides tools that aren’t offered anywhere else within MTI. These resources have provided a number of “a-ha” moments for students and helped drive the feedback response regarding the changes they’ve made to their trading methods. The training room also helps students to maximize the training, courses, and trading rooms that they have already registered for.

“A big part of what we do is to help students understand everything that MTI offers them,” said Michael.” ”We guide them through the many resources that are available such as mentorship, Wealth and Freedom Experience, Ultimate Traders Package, different trading rooms and Analyst On Demand.”

“Our job as trainers is to hone in on the important trading concepts and make sure that the students fully understand them,” said Denise. “We take as much time as necessary to make sure every student in that room understands [those lessons]. And that is a unique situation because no other trading room has that time and ability to dedicate to each individual student.”

Michael adds that an important part of Jumpstart is giving students an opportunity to discover their ideal trading style without having to spend any time or money on a trading room or strategy that doesn’t fit that style. The program offers a great way for new traders to skip those obstacles and get connected to the resources best suited for them.


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