How Hidden ‘Money Flow’ Patterns Helped a Trader Pay Off $150k Debt

At first glance, it doesn’t seem that master trader Tyson Clayton would have much in common with bestselling author Michael Lewis and famed historian Yuval Noah Harari.

Lewis likes to call himself “lazy.” It’s difficult to believe this coming from someone who’s authored some deeply researched business and finance books. But for Lewis, laziness serves as a filter, allowing him to focus on only the most important things.

Meanwhile, Harari has written several brilliantly profound books and yet finds enough time to go on long meditation retreats every year.

That’s why both Lewis and Harari should be proud of what Clayton has achieved in his Money Flow Trading Room. Because just like these two gentlemen, Clayton’s approach towards trading the markets is to focus on the most relevant points and leave out the rest.

Clayton serves as a senior analyst for Market Traders Institute and based on their recent reviews his students are happy as ever. It’s because the trades in his Money Flow Trading Room have put in an impressive performance by following a time-tested strategy. This strategy targets high-probability trades based on a hidden chart pattern, without the need for vast amounts of research legwork every week.

Now, before we tell you about this amazing strategy, here’s a bit about Clayton’s proudest achievement…and how he owes it to his trading systems…

From $150k Debt to Seeking an Early Retirement 

Way back in 2008, Clayton owned a mortgage company, which he ran on borrowed money. Things were going just fine until the global financial crisis hit.

At this point, Clayton was $600k in debt. The disastrous downturn forced him to sell his dream house and move into a small apartment only to repay $450k of it.

Trying to find a way out of this vicious cycle, he was quickly drawn to the world of trading.

But his early days in markets weren’t a smooth ride. Clayton was the type of trader who woke up before sunrise, just as many traders do who spend hours planning their strategies. But that exhausting routine ended when he found a mentor who showed him how to develop the mindset, patience, and the discipline of a successful trader.

As the years went by, he carefully honed his craft. The more Clayton traded, the more he realised there were only a few important things he needed to make better trades.

And this newfound strategy was just the breakthrough Clayton had been looking for. 

No matter how the markets moved – up, down, or sideways – he believes the system gave him the best possible odds of making potential profits year after year. And in a few years, with the help of profits earned, Clayton slowly, but consistently, went on to pay off his liabilities and came out debt-free in 2011.

Today, he is a happy family man with two adopted sons and has a goal to retire in the next few years, when he turns 45. 

It surely is a dream come true!

Here’s more on the trading room and this powerful strategy we’re talking about…

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The ‘Money Flow’ Pattern Works Its “Market Magic” 

Clayton’s Money Flow trading room focuses on a formula built around a unique price pattern called ‘Money Flow.’

It’s easy to practice once you learn how the strategy works.

Each week, Clayton teaches you the process of how this pattern should be applied to trades and the direction they should be traded in.

Take Forex markets for example. The trading room will show you…

  • How to rank each currency that meets the formula’s requirements, and
  • Establish the top 3-5 ranked currencies to trade each week

Now, here’s where it gets more interesting…

Once you have identified the core currencies and direction to focus on for the week, technology takes over!

Your automated strategies are applied on the identified currency pairs.

And voila! There’s no need for your additional time in the markets.

That’s it. 

Once these rules are in place, you’d be amazed at how little time this strategy requires.

All you need to do is perhaps spend a couple of hours every week and then let the Money Flow work its “magic.”

So, What Does the Money Flow Trading Room Offer?

Now that you know about the strategy, here’s a quick look at some of the trading room’s features and a bit more about Clayton’s background…

Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and More: The Money Flow Trading Room gives you unrestricted access to live sessions led by experts who trade for a living. Every week, experts show you how to correctly identify top-ranked currencies to trade and when to trade them.

What’s more, the weekly sessions also include discussions and trades on stocks and cryptocurrencies, and important trading topics such as market psychology, asset allocation, and much more.

The Roadmap: Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, the trading room has a roadmap for you which provides you with:   

  • Toolkits Clayton has designed for you, with downloadable resources
  • Structured lessons that help you understand different market strategies
  • Live instructions for a practical market trading experience
  • Quizzes and a final assessment of the trading room course
  • An option to chat with Clayton and get your questions answered

SmartTrader: This feature provides you the tools that match your individual trading style. Plus, it makes it easier to interact with traders around the globe – all with ideas, experiences, and strategies to share. See it as a platform where you can network with a driven online community of traders, just like you.

About Tyson Clayton: Clayton loves to trade because it’s helped give him the freedom to live his best life. For him, that means having more family time, living debt free and sharing his knowledge with traders so they can pass the same blessing on to others. 

Over his 20+ years in the markets, Clayton has studied many trading approaches and systems, put them through rigorous tests, and has helped his trading room students try to mimic their success.

Here’s what students have to say about Tyson Clayton*…

Brad: “The more I watch your podcasts, the more aware I am of how the markets work, and more importantly, how to profit from your classes. I follow in the Flex room also, and wherever else you are trading. I pass your name on to all that ask where I learn this stuff. Thank you, so very much.”

Brian: “I find Tyson’s way of explaining the Forex market not only easy to understand, but helps me to see the larger picture of what is happening on currency pairs. […] And, probably even more important is his genuine passion for my success. […] All this to say, I highly recommend the Money Flow trading room and every opportunity to listen to Tyson’s insights and motivation to press forward and become the trader I want to be.”

The bottom line is that the Money Flow Trading Room can be your chance to get one of the best trading strategies out there.

It’s an outcome of Clayton’s many years of research into behavioral finance and developing intelligent strategies to help smart traders beat the herds.

You can access the Money Flow Trading Room here


*Past results as represented in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of future results or success and your individual results may vary. Testimonials may not be representative of all reasonably comparable students. Trading involves significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors.

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