How-To Maximize Your 360Pro Trading Circle Toolbox

How-To Maximize Your 360Pro Trading Circle Toolbox

In case you didn’t know 360Pro Trading Circle comes with a suite of tools to assist you while you trade alongside the analyst team. We’ll walk you through what each of these tools does and how you can get access to them.

360Pro Dashboard – The 360Pro Dashboard contains a combination of directional bias from all four trading rooms that are provided with the 360Pro Trading Circle. It gives a directional breakdown of 28 currency pairs and a level of Bullish or Bearish strength (so you can be confident in your buying and selling decisions). If you want to see who actually thinks what – you can also access the individual directional bias dashboards from the same page. You can also see a Currency Strength based on the directional bias — Currency Strength essentially is how strong or weak a currency is compared to the other currencies.

Indicators – Each trading room provides some form of tool or indicator to help follow the different strategies our experts use. When you sign up – you will automatically have access to a number of indicators. Each room in the Online University will provide information on how these tools are used in the trading room. For a quick overview of accessing indicators, you can watch a quick video here.

Workspaces – Workspaces may be the most popular aspect of trading rooms (outside of trading live with our experts, that is). Each expert provides workspaces each week (and sometimes daily) with their analysis and notes so you can review and have their analysis at your fingertips – even when the session has come to a close. You can access the workspaces through the IDEAS section of SmartTrader or by going into your workspaces (Manage Workspaces) and clicking “Premium.”

Archives – Every session that happens is recorded for later viewing and uploaded on the same day. If you miss a session, you don’t have to worry as you can always come back to it later. The video archive playlists can be viewed in the trading room or the Online University classroom.

If you’d like to get access to 360Pro Trading Circle, click here. And, if you already own 360Pro Trading Circle access, simply log into the Online University!

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