Leading Innovation for Traders’ Success, Happiness | Market Traders Institute

MTI innovation
Leading Innovation for Traders’ Success, Happiness | Market Traders Institute
February 24, 2020 Bill Zimmerman
MTI innovation

Leading Innovation for Traders’ Success, Happiness | Market Traders Institute

As we forge ahead into the new year, I’m excited to share that a path to provide “extreme innovation for a new future” for students and traders in 2020 has already been paved by everything that we as a Market Traders Institute team accomplished in 2019.

Innovation and efficiency are the focus for everyone here — with a distinct goal of providing for others. 

It’s important to me that the first of our stated core values is to ‘Create a Great Client Experience,’ because that’s at the heart of everything we do. 

We’ve strived to make numerous advancements that will directly foster lasting success for everyone in the MTI family of traders. Some of our “Best of 2019” includes:

  • Behind-the-scenes technological advancements that further improve the capabilities of our analysts, developers and customer-support staff to serve students and traders.
  • New courses that provide advanced education for students, who can put new tech to work for them.
  • Automated trading tools that are easy to use and tested so our family of traders can live the life they want. 

I’d like to share a few details. One example of innovation leading directly to results: SmartTrader is already approaching a goal of 10 million pips captured by clients by the end of 2020 — on pace to reach it about a year and a half ahead of schedule! Improvements to SmartTrader during 2019 included a Version 6.0 upgrade that rolled out in beta form before year’s end and has since gone fully live.

Further proof of MTI’s success in satisfying customers is our rating on Trustpilot, which stood at 4.6 (on a 5-star scale) by year’s end. New customer-support methods have been a big part of that rating, with average wait times for assistance now less than 2 minutes. Plus, the addition of chat support provides customers the help they need in the way they want it. 

In the bigger picture, human resources is providing new education and training avenues to MTI staff, with the goal of improving efficiency. There’s no better way to ensure as much time as possible is spent on helping students and traders at all levels. And it’s working: More than two dozen team members were honored at our Q1 meeting with awards, including Exceptional Innovation, Instructor of the Year and everything in between.

MTI innovation for 2020

Already one of the top MTI innovation creators, Chris Pulver, left, accepts his 2019 Instructor of the Year Award from Market Traders Institute CEO Jacob Martinez. (Photo by Tyler Stover)

MTI also provided dozens of new ways in 2019 to help educate traders, including live events, trading rooms, courses and tools. Foremost, we’ve expanded our time-tested, flagship education program, The Ultimate Traders Package 2020. By adding new technology for automated trading and indicators, tech that’s unsurpassed in ease of use, it raises any student’s potential. Other innovative new products have included Six Figure Max, Perfect Storm and Smart Gauge. We’re also finding ways to offer subscriptions to meet the diverse needs of every MTI trader. It’s part of our dedication to ensure students and traders will for years be able to perform well in the markets, and easily adapt anytime conditions change.

MTI innovation and Smart Gauge

Smart Gauge displays the strength of trade opportunities with needle-and-gauge displays to the right live trading charts. It launched in 2019 and quickly became one of MTI’s most powerful indicators — as well as one of its most popular.

The key is our ability to turn new concepts into useful solutions for thousands of traders every day. After all, an idea not coupled with action is not worth the brain cell it sits on. 

I’m excited about 2020 here at MTI, and I can see every day that the team is too. I’m thankful for everyone who’s part of our family and look forward to seeing everyone further their success.

Jacob Martinez, CEO

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