Is the Eurozone Breaking Up?

Is the Eurozone Breaking Up?
December 7, 2011 Market Traders Institute

The Eurozone could quite possibly be breaking up. A number of analysts have speculated the 12-year-old monetary union may be unraveling soon. Banks, large corporations and traders have already begun to make preparations for the possibility of the collapse of the Eurozone or the exit of some countries such as Greece and Italy.

For two years, the Eurozone has been struggling to find a solution to their debt crisis. Even with bailouts, policy reforms and new governments in Italy and Greece, investors have continued to lose confidence in the markets. Many are wondering if anything can be done to resolve the debt crisis and if a breakup is inevitable.

On Tuesday, November 29th, Eurozone’s 17 finance ministers met in hopes of finding a way to save the Euro and protect the global economy from repercussions of the Eurozone unraveling.

Join us tomorrow in our webinar when we’ll be discussing how the collapse of the Eurozone could affect the Forex market. We’ll also be discussing how Forex education could help your prepare for such world events.

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