It was a whole new TRADING FOR TA-TAS this year…

It was a whole new TRADING FOR TA-TAS this year…
November 3, 2015 Market Traders Institute

In 2015, Market Traders Institute was looking forward to starting up its successful Trading For Ta-Tas campaign once again.  In 2014, the company’s efforts raised $23,276 for Florida Hospital’s Breast Cancer Care Fund and the Pink Army, and because MTI exceeded its goal of $20,000 in 2014, it set a new target of $25,000 for October 2015.  (SPOILER ALERT:  MTI exceeded this target, too…)

Proving that you can’t give a company full of entrepreneurial spirit such a challenge without inspiring some unique methods for raising money, the MTI team doubled down on their past efforts and devised new (and effective) ways of generating funds for Florida Hospital’s breast cancer programs.

Following the first rule of economics — “incentivise the behavior you’d like to see,” this financial education company provided worthy incentives for its employees, management, and even its customers to become contributors, with outstanding results.


Normally, October is associated with the colors of autumn and Halloween — orange and black and browns — but this October, pink became the top fashion choice for MTI’s staff.

Sporting pink t-shirts emblazoned with the logo, “Real Traders Wear Pink,” and just about anything else pink they could get their hands on, MTI’s employees routinely turned their office into a corporate Barbie Dream House.  The effort wasn’t just to get featured in Vogue, however. Employees donated to the Trading for Ta-Tas cause for the ability to dress more casually throughout the month, and used their shirts as walking billboards advertising their cause (day-glo pink attracts attention wherever you go…).


MTI had developed several proven fundraising methods in its previous Trading For Ta-Tas campaigns, and they were successful once again in 2015.  Weekly bake sales worked, because no one in an office can resist a cupcake.  Raffles for personal time off, Magic tickets, and even a cruise also raised some money — and another 50/50 raffle was very popular (as judged by the number of employees scanning handfuls of tickets at the drawing…).


Employees also competed in blackjack and ping pong tournaments, and refined their pie-throwing skills by donating money to smash pies in MTI executive faces.

Once again, Josh Martinez used his Forex trading skills to generate $1,000 the same way he trains his students to prosper — by investing with his MTI-approved strategies.

All of these efforts rewarded the Trading For Ta-Tas coffers, but in the last week of October, it seemed the $25,000 goal was going to be impossible to reach.

Unwilling to admit defeat, the Market Traders Institute staffers simply did what they do best:  innovate.




MTI’s students have always donated generously to Trading For Ta-Tas, and 2015 was no different.  This year, however, MTI rewarded its student donors by providing them with added training sessions just for contributing to the cause.  This effort bumped up the last week’s fundraising numbers considerably, as our students donated a whopping $12,527!

The Trading For Ta-Tas team also put the call out to several locally popular food trucks, and hosted a Food Truck Rally in their parking lot on the last business day of their campaign, with a percentage of all sales adding to their total.


As the last pies were being wiped out of beards, the final food trucks were shutting off their generators, and the last marshmallow mummies were being sold to sugar-craving workers (it was the day before Halloween, remember…), the final 2015 Trading For Ta-Tas tally was announced:

Market Traders Institute’s efforts had generated $29,044 — 16% over the goal!


In the last days of the 2015 Trading For Ta-Tas campaign, MTI founder Jared Martinez announced that the company has pledged to raise $125,000 for Florida Hospital’s Breast Cancer Care Fund by 2019, ensuring that pink would be the color of choice for MTI’s employees in October for years to come.


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