Lots of news about oil prices — get our opinion

Lots of news about oil prices — get our opinion
January 20, 2016 APaul

As you’ve certainly seen, there is a great deal of news these days about falling oil prices (and if you stop at your local gas station, you’ve benefited from them).

Falling oil prices are having a massive effect on stocks and options, which is why we’re hosting a free webinar this Thursday at 11:00 AM ET (GMT-5), titled, “You Can Profit from Oil (Even if the Oil Companies Can’t!)”

These oil price drops are providing profit opportunities for stock and options traders that aren’t available to the oil companies themselves.

Discover how the new world oil market is creating investment entry points that didn’t exist a year ago — or even a month ago — and how keeping on top of oil prices could lead you to smarter long-term trades.  RSVP now for this event!


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