Managing timing expectations: Key element to trading

Timing expectations and trading goals
Managing timing expectations: Key element to trading
November 26, 2018 Megan Gann
Timing expectations and trading goals

Many times we find ourselves in a rush to get what we desire in a short amount of time. We apply this thought to many factors within our lives and workplaces. You may also find this strategy of rushing being applied to your trading abilities.

Many expect the method of trading to be a way to gather profits very quickly. The art of trading is more so about the ability to invest — and trust in your process while gaining steady profits along the way. As people begin to grow their knowledge and ability on trading, you may find yourself in situations that can cost you more than reward you.

Acquire tools; don’t lack them

Traders might try to trade on their own — without the real foundation of following a tool and or trading system. Using these vital pieces to your trading can truly make an impact on your outcome in a positive manner. As the market changes direction day in and day out, there’s no sure-fire result if relying just on luck. But the use of resources and analytical tools can really help you achieve peace of mind and lock in profits by using the data within the charts being read.

Such tools can use past data or trends in the market to ensure you are placing in the right direction, even when it might be easy to assume the opposite. Some starting out with trading might not want to apply the time to focus on learning of tools and systems. But it’s a great way to secure your safety and gain even more confidence within trading. Educational tools and the ability to watch live analysis can grow your knowledge within the market. They can show what to look for and when to execute after dedicating time toward learning.

Take time to regain after loss

Suffering a loss in a trade can really be discouraging. People might scramble to fill those losses by placing multiple other trades in hopes of making a recovery. This is another sign of lack of patience within trading and can be hurtful to your account if you are not analyzing the market before placing trades. There is never a for-sure way to assume you will gain what you lost by just placing trades. After taking a loss, you might want to take a break from your computer. You can then wait for the market to trend in a way you are comfortable with placing another trade. Otherwise you are susceptible to trading out of emotion, which can be a dangerous strategy to use!

When I personally started trading, I fell short of this habit. I simply felt luck may help me regain my losses when panicking and closing from a trade and losing by doing so. Another note I have learned through that emotion is knowing even if a trade goes in the negative for a day, that might not mean it will remain in that direction within the next day, week, month or several months. The market’s volatility and ability to climb and plummet is also great for those who really need a direction change to go in their favor. Remaining patient within trades can also allow you to hold your odds, instead of closing a negative trade and just taking the loss because emotion.

Power Of Patience

In the end we all may fall short in the patience field when it comes to things in our day to day life. That could be especially true if it involves our funds. Trading is something you have to apply yourself to and know some days might not be good trading days. Others, meanwhile, can make your whole week. When you apply yourself and the power of patience to the ways you can calm your state of mind, you can excel in the ability to handle situations. Trading can teach us the value of patience and allow us to portray that ability in the things we do in our home lives, work lives, and well-being.


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