Market Traders Institute Announces New CTO

Market Traders Institute Announces New CTO
June 17, 2020 Market Traders Institute

Market Traders Institute Announces New CTO

Ryan Ruscett joins MTI as new Chief Technology Officer to advance product enhancement efforts

Market Traders Institute (MTI) announced today that Ryan Ruscett has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As CTO, Ruscett will lead efforts to elevate MTI’s industry-leading forex education offerings and trading systems. Ruscett has extensive experience driving innovative technology solutions and will leverage that expertise to deliver customer value through next-gen product offerings and a streamlined user experience. 

Market Traders CTO Ryan Ruscett

Market Traders Institute CTO Ryan Ruscett

“We are excited to announce this significant addition to our leadership team,” said Jacob Martinez, MTI CEO and President. “Our goal is always to provide 100 percent of our clients with the opportunity for success. The industry-leading training of Market Traders Institute, combined with the cutting-edge tools we provide, point to the fact that historically, MTI students outperformed the industry average trading success rate. With his proven track record and unprecedented technical acumen, Ryan will be instrumental in building revolutionary trading systems and powerful education resources for our students.”

Ruscett comes to MTI with a high degree of technical acuity and management experience including more than thirteen years of developing disruptive technologies, transforming startups, and leading large scale change across organizations like OneClickPolitics, IBM and Amazon. 

Ruscett notes,  “We seek to provide our users with a seamless user experience while innovating to shape the way the next generation of traders trade. In fact, I like to think of my role as a Chief Transformation Officer. We all use technology, it’s how we adopt that technology and use it to influence the cog that is business.”  

He continues, “Forex education is a limitless journey, as students continue to pursue knowledge and strategies that can help them become adaptable to the fast-moving market, and position themselves to trade confidently in any conditions. MTI’s education is designed to drive students toward their individual goals, and we will make their learning experience even more efficient and effective.”

MTI has provided education resources to Forex (foreign currency exchange), stock, and cryptocurrency traders for over 26 years. Foreign exchange involves converting one currency into another currency, a process that involves more than $6.6 trillion in daily trading volume, according to the Bank for International Settlements (a global bank for national central banks). These exchanges are necessary to meet demands created by trading, commercial purposes, and tourism. 

Ryan completed his comments by adding, “Having impacted over a half a million traders worldwide, it is important that we take advantage of our experience as we build toward a stronger future. By leveraging the insights we have gained with the very latest in technological capabilities and trends, we will meet our goal of providing a transformative approach to the growing Forex industry.”


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