Market Traders Institute’s 6,100-Pip Trading Prediction Pays Off

Market Traders Institute’s 6,100-Pip Trading Prediction Pays Off
January 6, 2014 Market Traders Institute

LAKE MARY, Fla. (Jan. 4, 2014) – In the final months of 2013, Market Traders Institute’s analysts publicly disclosed their trading predictions across three currency pairs claiming a more than $61,000 trading opportunity for standard lot traders. Now, nearly two months after the prediction was first released, the foreign exchange market has moved more than 800 pips in the predicted direction.

“Using years of market data, we felt very strongly about what the technical analysis was telling us about this more than 6,000-pip move and literally days after first releasing this prediction, the market began to move in our direction. It was a great feeling to see it take off so quickly and to have been able to help so many traders get involved at the peak of the movements,” said Joshua Martinez, head analyst at Market Traders Institute. “Now that we’ve seen the potential to capture 826 pips, we are seeing the opportunity for even more trading opportunity than initially announced as the market’s waves push the earning ability up even higher.”

On all three pairs, these analysts are utilizing counter trendline breaks to inform traders of where the money-making potential is. By showing traders where the market’s pivoting point is as some traders call it, Market Traders Institute has been able to predict more than seven sell entry points that traders could have used to capture on these movements.

In the latest news on these moves, the analysts stated that they expect strong thrusts in these currency pairs until June of 2014 with the potential for anywhere between 700 and 1,000 pips-worth of trading opportunity each month until that point. To learn about the remainder of these movements, click here.

“Thanks to the new pivot point prediction, I was able to capture 226 pips in the week shortly after the prediction was released,” said Jose Tormos, analyst and trader at Market Traders Institute (credit paula). “There’s still nearly six times that amount to be made so I’m looking forward to an incredible start to 2014 as are many of the the traders on MTI’s Facebook page who’ve been trading and earning alongside us on these moves.”

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