MTI Client Story: Julian Axon

MTI Client Story: Julian Axon
May 24, 2017 Market Traders Institute

Editor’s Note:  This is the first of a continuing series of “guest blogs” by our Market Traders Institute clients.  Here’s Julian Axon with a look at his first two years with MTI…

This past week I celebrated my 2-year anniversary of being educated by MTI.

On reflection, I could never have imagined I would have learned so much and grown to such a degree in my trading capabilities.  When I joined MTI, I was not starting from scratch in the trading world. I had been trading with my bank on their platform and with their education portals for three years before that.

With my bank, I had got to the stage where I could establish direction but I was in a constant struggle with: “Where to from here?”  They would provide me with online videos, but I had to make of those what I could on my own.  I was not a name, just an account number and any support I needed and asked for, was always more than a few days away and usually not very complete when I did get answers.  I wonder how many other traders can relate to that type of experience in trying to learn the skills of a successful Forex trader.

So, when I signed up for MTI education what a pleasant surprise I got to be treated as more than just one of the thousands of students out there!  I was more than an account and I actually started getting emails addressed to me from my fellow students, “Dear Julian”!  I was so encouraged by this small personal touch and it fell in line with the MTI promise that “We will never leave a client behind.”

I threw myself into my newfound riches of education and started learning the incredible capabilities of MTI’s Ultimate Charting Software.  My eyes were, by now, wide open with the scale of what was now available to me and I was no longer a number, but a person!

Then came the “Wealth and Freedom” experience, or in other words, “the wonderful experience.”  I was learning from real experts in the realm of trading and they were people who had started just like me and so, knew exactly what I was going through and what I would need to get on with my trading journey.  To say I was excited is an understatement.  By nature, I am a positive thinking person so I could only see the good things coming out of the education experience given to me by MTI.

Enthusiastically, I delved into the seemingly endless mine of MTI education, learning all about the technical aspects of such things as Fibonaccis and Kings Crowns while still receiving encouragement from those real experts, and I cannot forget to mention the personal touch from MTI founder and CEO, Jared Martinez, otherwise known as “The FX Chief™”.  The FX Chief™ is always there with words of wisdom and encouragement for any “would-be trader” to take into his trading experience.

Thank you, Chief — you are a hero!

And thank you, Julian, for taking the time to share your experiences with everyone! If you have a story to share for our blog, please contact Kristen Cervone via email at for more information.

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MTI Client Story: Julian Axon
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MTI Client Story: Julian Axon
Market Traders Institute client Julian Axon contributes a blog post talking about his first two years as an MTI student, in the first of our MTI Client Stories.
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Market Traders Institute
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