MTI Introduces New USDX Trading Course

MTI Introduces New USDX Trading Course
July 11, 2012 Market Traders Institute

In their biggest course release of the year, MTI is unveiling the latest in Forex trading methodology, the USDX Trading Course.


MTI's Biggest Release of the Year! The USDX Trading CourseWhat is the USDX?
USDX stands for US Dollar Index which is commonly used by options and futures traders. It’s a series of mathematical equations that compares the US dollar’s value to its main currency counterparts. Most importantly, the FX Chief™ has developed a new, unique way to apply this tool to the Forex and his best-kept secret could now be your!





Applying the USDX to the Forex:USDX Forex Trading Course Creator: FX Chief™, Jared Martinez
World-renowned Forex trader and CEO of Market Traders Institute, Jared Martinez, has been developing and using this new method where he applies the USDX to his Forex trades for months and has found success! He is now ready to let other traders in on his secret to making the USD work for you in the USDX Trading Course.




USDX Trading Course | Forex EducationHow this could change your trades:

  • Use the index to better understand market strengths, weaknesses and overall direction.
  • Get an edge on the market by finding optimal entry and exit points for your trades based on USDX equations.
  • Potentially capture more pips consistently as you continue trading the world’s major currencies.
  • Utilize the three strategies and checklists to keep your trades on the right track as you trade four to six currencies on a time frame you’re comfortable with.


Ready. Set. Trade!
Be one of the first to incorporate this breaking-new methodology to your current trading style. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your trades up to the next level. To learn more, attend a complimentary webinar by completing the form below or call 1-866-878-8558.


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