MTI Students Create Live Training Room To Collaborate With, Help Other Traders

MTI Students Create Live Training Room To Collaborate With, Help Other Traders
February 8, 2021 Market Traders Institute

Whether you’re a new trader looking for guidance or a more advanced trader in need of some problem-solving tips, MTI’s top students are hosting an interactive learning community especially for fellow students like you.

Why Learn Alone When Together is Better?

Trading can be a hard and lonely experience when you are first starting out when you are struggling, and sometimes, even when you are having success. Connecting with a powerful network of like-minded traders dedicated to helping each other reach the same goals is imperative to your long-term success.

MTI Traders enjoy considerable advantages to the common retail trader thanks to superior technology, education, and mentorship provided by MTI’s Analysts. But you might be asking, “What happens when I start to struggle or feel like I’m falling behind?” That’s where MTI’s Jumpstart Training Room goes beyond ordinary education programs.

Live and On-Demand Training

Jumpstart Training Room is a 12-week, Live Training Room Series designed and hosted by veteran MTI students with real-life market success to help new and/or struggling students learn how to trade and know where to access all of the resources they have available to them. Trainers will answer your questions and review specific features and resources provided through Market Traders Institute, and other widely available online materials that our professional traders use in some of their sessions.

The sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:30 – 4:00 PM ET. Instructors will share their screens and discuss current and emerging market topics. All of the sessions are archived and made available to students for later review. The room is open 24/7 and a community manager actively monitors the chat throughout the day to answer questions that come through when the sessions are not live. 

8 Advantages You Could Gain

  • Access market insight from traders that have been in your shoes – recently – and are experiencing success with MTI education. These fellow traders are sharing their secrets (because they aren’t really secrets) to help get you where you want to go.
  • Get a detailed overview of not only where things are located and how to access them, but WHY they are important in your trading journey.
  • Discover more detailed tips and tricks that MTI’s traders have picked up to make navigating both SmartTrader and MetaTrader 4 that much easier.
  • Learn about MTI’s Analysts and who you might benefit from the most in their trading room.
  • Ask questions you might not have gotten the answer to in earlier sessions or questions you think might be “too simple” or “newbie.” All questions are answered and responded to.
  • See what strategies our traders have used to find success.
  • Understand how the market works when you’re building a smaller trading account.
  • Turnkey market concepts into action – Currency strength, how different currency pairs work together, how to use that information in your trading.

How to Join Your Trading Peers

Already a student with MTI? Anyone considered an MTI student (brand new or been with MTI for years) can access these sessions through MTI’s Online University and the SmartTrader Platform (you just need to be signed in – get your free SmartTrader account here). Simply use the links below and you will automatically be added to the ongoing courses/sessions.


Online University:

SmartTrader Trading Room and Chat:

Want to know how your fellow MTI students are already benefiting from the Jumpstart Training Room? Check out our amazing reviews and testimonials below:

Valerie: The timing of this is so perfect! I just started and really know very little about any of this. Thank you for doing this!

John: We appreciate you guys taking time to help everyone.  I joined MTI in May and I was totally lost.

Dan: Super helpful training for newbies and even for those been doing it for a little while like me. Sometimes just one little thing learned is worth a ton!

Helen: First time here today.  Great class.  I feel like a lot of the questions I have had about Smart Traders have, or will be, answered.  I hope you plan to do this with MT4 as well.

Alice: Thank you Michael and Denise — this was very helpful – – wish it had been available a few years ago – –

Kathi: I believe a lot of this helps more just because YOU two are also students and remember what it is like for us to learn … You are GREAT!!!

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