New SmartTrader 7.0 Advanced FX Trading Platform

New SmartTrader 7.0 Advanced FX Trading Platform
May 21, 2021 Market Traders Institute

SmartTrader gives traders virtually unlimited access to premium trading tools, individual insights and market analysis to help you take your investing efforts to the next level. Our platform provides a boost to your trading success, enabling you to advance with skills and trading experience.

We have some big updates for our platform users, so let’s jump right in and talk about the latest SmartTrader release!

This week’s release enhanced two of the most heavily-utilized systems, the social engine and account synchronization system. Even though SmartTrader’s appearance didn’t change much, there were a lot of improvements introduced to the architecture that made this release worthy of a new version; SmartTrader v7.0!


Synchronizing your analysis between all your devices and making sure you have the most up-to-date version is essential. This week we released a new feature called “workspace versioning” to help prevent accidental loss of analysis.

If you have SmartTrader open on multiple devices and you are saving a different version of your analysis on one of them, you will receive this prompt before it saves:

We have also made the synchronization process more efficient and stable, so traders who use a lot of objects and tools should see a pretty significant boost when saving their session.


There has been a lot of talk about Prime SmartScripts since our initial launch in March. When we first released this feature it was available only to SmartTrader Prime subscribers. As interest increased, we made some decisions about who should be able to access these automated systems.

If you have never heard of the Prime SmartScripts program, every month we release at least one new automated trading system which is made immediately available on SmartTrader.

Starting May 21, 2021, ALL paid subscription levels are included in the Prime SmartScripts program!

Whether you are a Plus, Prime, Pro, or 360Pro subscriber, you should see the Prime SmartScripts now! Take a look, you should see them here:


These and countless other enhancements and new features have been carefully planned and developed over the last 6-12 months.

One such feature, set to be released in June, will provide a new visual component to indicators that use a higher timeframe for their calculation. This will allow for much more precise analysis when looking at higher timeframe indicators on a lower timeframe chart.

With each new release SmartTrader gets better and better. Keep an eye out because there are more features coming all the time!

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