Student-Turned-Strategist’s Radical Breakthrough in Trading

Student-Turned-Strategist’s Radical Breakthrough in Trading
February 12, 2021 Market Traders Institute

Market Traders Institute is excited to unveil the newest technological breakthrough in the world of FX trading. Most incredibly, this groundbreaking innovation was built in partnership with one of our own students. In fact, this long-time student has already used it to outperform one of our top analysts!

FX Market Fusion is a highly effective trade execution and management tool that was developed to help traders who struggle to…

  • Sit out on trades even when all signs are telling them “no”
  • Time their trades right and end up entering the market TOO early
  • Manage their trades overall

FX Market Fusion was initially created by Michael Rinderknecht, an MTI student and successful trader who decided to launch his own indicator for other students to enjoy. He had been trading stocks and options for over 20 years before discovering the advantages of Forex through MTI.

“Early in my trading career, I was holding on to my winners and letting them turn into losers. A lot of times I was getting in too early on some of my entries, so the Market Fusion indicator really helped me out on those issues.”Michael Rinderknecht, Market Fusion co-creator and co-founder of MTI Jumpstart Training Room

3 Ways to Use FX Market Fusion to Supercharge Your Trades

  1. Apply to range-bound and trending markets to spot highs and lows.
  2. Getting in “at the right time.” Ensuring the market turn is not a “false reversal.”
  3. Fusing it with other MTI strategies to “close the gap” and make decisions based on concepts MTI traders are already familiar with.

“The reason why they named it Fusion is because you can combine it with many other MTI core strategies and indicators. One of my favorites is …. the MTI Supply and Demand Tracker. If I see the Market Fusion indicator give a signal at the Supply and Demand level, that’s when I’ll absolutely take a profit or enter a trade in the other direction.” — Michael Rinderknecht

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