5 Fitness Tips All Traders Should Follow

Summer is here and for many, the sudden heat wave reinvigorates the need for self-improvement, specifically in the weight-loss category.

But here at MTI, we think your summer goals should extend beyond your physique.
That’s why we created our 30-Day Trading Challenge to help you amp up your trading routine by maximizing your returns!

To help you #ToneYourTrades we’re looking at the top-5 fitness tips that translate perfectly to trading.

Let us know how you plan on incorporating these tips into your daily trading routine by reaching out to us online:

Tip 1: Make every minute count

Sometimes it’s not the amount of time you put in, but the way you MAXIMIZE it.

You don’t need to spend hours analyzing the charts, just like you don’t need to spend hours lifting weights.

Many athletes maximize their time in the gym by performing quick bursts of cardio movements (i.e. jumping jacks) in between weight lifting sets to maximize lean muscle mass gains.

You could practice a similar technique in your trading by utilizing trading signals and systems, like our Ultimate Market Scanner. This revolutionary trading tool helps analyze thousands of charts and alerts you of entry prices, profit targets and pre-determined stop losses while you do all the heavy lifting conducting your technical analysis.

Tip 2: Resolve to Rest

While it may seem like a good idea to bust your butt in the gym 24/7 this could actually be counterproductive to your overall goal.

In order for your muscles to grow and improve, your body needs a day to rebuild the muscle fibers you put to work.

Same goes for trading.

How will you ever improve your trading if you don’t schedule a day off to reflect on recent trades and focus on the other things in life that are important?

The FX Chief™ is known for encouraging his students to live a well-balanced life and he often contributes his success from being able to do just that.

Follow suit in Chief’s footprints and see how your trades could vastly improve by adopting this simple tip into your trading routine.

Tip 3: Variety

Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring and counter productive to progress.
Our muscles grow accustomed to training, that’s why fitness experts developed training techniques like muscle confusion, to ensure a constant change and improvement in your overall physique.

So how do we apply this concept to the trading world?

Try trading multiple strategies or trading during different market hours to keep your trading muscles guessing.
Just remember, don’t stray outside your comfort zone to the point where you put your account at risk.

Tip 4: Feed Your Need

Crash diets are a thing of the past! In today’s fitness world, it’s all about proper nutrition and a hearty and healthy diet.

Trading is no different!

Just like our bodies benefit by including a variety of foods, a trader could benefit from the variety of knowledge complied by our expert traders.

The more you know, the more your wins grow.

Tip 5: Strive for progress NOT perfection

No one will have the perfect body and no one will have the perfect P/L statement.

If you strive for perfection you tend to overlook the hiccups that got you to where you are today.
As FX Chief™ always says: “The greatest trading lessons I’ve learned can be found in my greatest trading mistakes.”

As long as you’re making a constant effort to progress your knowledge and understanding of the market, results should follow.

BONUS TIP: Trade with friends

Trading is easier when you have a strong support group getting you through.

That’s why we created a unique Facebook group, so you have somewhere to go when you just want to talk trading.

Click here to join our group >>

It’s kind of like Cross Fit, without the bulky instructor yelling at you to do 20 more pushups.

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