US Stock Market Plunges

US Stock Market Plunges
September 22, 2011 Matthew Mocorro

World events certainly have a strong reaction on the stock market.

Since Monday’s close, the US stock market has lost 786 points. From its three-month high of 12,724, it is down to 1,999 points. In the foreign currency exchange market (Forex), traders can capitalize on the market regardless of the direction.

Here, at Next Step Financial Holdings, we have been taught by Market Traders Institute (MTI) to react to these market changes and see the possibilities in the foreign currency exchange market. MTI has over 17 years of experience analyzing the various currencies and finding the opportunities that each market presents.

The chart below shows how the USD has gained 20% over the CHF. MTI students had the ability to capture over 1,500 pips in just over 10 weeks using one of MTI’s strategies.

USD Gains 20% Over CHF

Market diversification allows you to weather these stock market storms by having the ability to profit in the Forex market 24-hours a day, 5-½ days a week.

If you would like to hear more about what is happening in the foreign currency exchange market and the impact it may have on the individual currencies, join our next complimentary Forex webinar. Register by completing the form below.


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