Subconscious Mind: Your Key to Trading Success

Forex expert Jared Martinez (The FX Chief™), explains how traders can create a more radiant life with health, happiness, and success by training their mind.

The following is excerpted from the “Trading Psychology: Building a Winning Mindset” presentation at MTI’s Investment Leaders Summit event held on April 27, 2021. The session featured Jared F. Martinez (The FX Chief™), author, forex mentor, educator, market analyst and entrepreneur, as well as the founder of Market Traders Institute, Inc. (MTI).

Your subconscious mind is the key to your future success. See, what you press upon the subconscious mind will be expressed as within. So, where the mind goes, the person follows. 

The law of action and reaction is universal. Your thought is the action. Your reaction is the automatic response of the subconscious mind to your thoughts. Now, you can create and build a more radiant life with health, happiness, and success by focusing your thoughts located in the drawing room of your mind.

“You get to be the mental architect of your life and rebuild a more beautiful, better and greater life than you are living right now.”

Now, I want you to look around at your house. Think about the money you have or don’t have at the bank. Think about how many kids you have.

Look at your spouse or significant other, and I want you to realize this, everything you have in your life… you thought your way there. For example, the car you drive, you first thought, “Oh, I’m going to drive a Lincoln. I’m going to drive a Mustang. I’m going to drive a Mercedes. I’m going to drive an Infiniti.”

You just didn’t say, “Hey, I want to buy a car and I don’t care what it is.” No, you thought about what car you wanted. And then you got it because the subconscious mind then places you in a position to get what you want, what you think about. That’s why all frustrations are due to unfulfilled desires.

So if you dwell on negative thoughts, delays, lack of achievement or pay raises, why you have not succeeded, then your subconscious mind responds accordingly and you are hindering your own progress.

Earlier, I talked about being stuck in the grind. Some people are in that grind for six months. Some people are in that grind for six years. But the way to get out of that grind, the way to incur your tipping point is you’ve got to start training your mind.

First of all, put a picture of you on your subconscious mind board with the title, “master trader, pip capturer, pip collector” – whatever you want to call it. And I want you to think about that picture every day and say “I’m here to capture pips” because the subconscious mind will then force you to do what you think about. So stop hindering your progress with your thoughts.

“A judgmental, negative mind is the cell in which we incarcerate ourselves.”

Envy and jealousy are stumbling blocks to the flow of wealth. If you’re carrying around grudges, if you’re resentful with anything, if you whine habitually about a person, place or thing or if you crumble when faced with adversity, you’re hurting yourself.

You’ve got to be resilient, not resentful. You’ve got to be a winner, not a whiner. You’ve got to be a conqueror, not a quitter. You’ve got to be able to say, “I’m Jared and I can do anything. I’m [insert name] and I can do anything.” – because your subconscious mind will go to work. So I say rejoice in the prosperity of others. A thankful, non-judgmental, positive mind is always close to the riches the world has to offer. Think about that.

If you have any ill feelings or if you haven’t forgiven anybody, do it now. It’s a gift you give to yourself. Holding a grudge against someone else or something else is simply ludicrous.

While they’re holding a girl, I’d sit at home all frustrated and upset. Meanwhile, those people are out at a steakhouse just enjoying the night. So don’t incarcerate yourself. Don’t do it.

Change your thoughts. Keep your conscious mind expectant of the very best this life has to offer and your subconscious mind will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking.

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