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FX Leveling Course

Trade forex with compounding and leveling

Students who struggle with emotions and tend to be risk averse with trading will benefit from leveling and compounding their trades. Leveling strategies attempt to identify key entry and stop limits to minimize trading risk. These strategies work well with regular, short and long-term trading. MTI foundational and mastermind traders can use the FX Leveling Course to improve accuracy and “level” their emotions while trading.

Course Length

5.5 Hours

Level of Learning


Learning Path

Forex Trader

Course Overview

Perfect for traders of all skill levels who what to begin trading in Forex.

Trading can be emotional and it can be risky. For students who struggle with patience and emotions while forex trading, this course will teach strategies to scale and minimize risk. Designed with easy to follow indicators, students will learn to “level” in to positions and apply trade compounding to maximize your potential trades. Outside of equity management, direction is considered one of the most important aspects of trading. Leave the course understanding how to read Japanese candlestick charts and line charts. You’ll have a new level of trading intelligence.


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Course highlights

  • Self-guided learning
  • Taught by expert traders
  • Access to a community of traders
  • Individualized education pathways to meet your goals
  • Personal success coach

What will I learn?

  • Confidently utilize the strategies taught in the course
  • Gain a working knowledge of leveling and compounding your trades
  • Learn to use line charts and candlestick charts
  • Trade with confidence and utilize the Psychological aspects of a day trade as taught in the live class

Course Author

Tian Kriek

Tian is a veteran instructor with 17 years of Forex trading experience and a strong background in investment management and portfolio analysis. While he found a passion for day trading, he places heavy emphasis on business and market cycles. He is an expert technical analyst and has experienced great success using the discipline and application of strategies taught at MTI.

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Get everything you need to begin Forex Trading

  • Live instructional class

    4 hour live class with our expert analysts

  • Ongoing mentorship and training

    Weekly follow up sessions with our expert FOREX analysts

  • Trading strategies

    3 trading strategies for regular, short and long terms

  • Charting software

    2 exclusive indicators designed to automate your trading and improve your results

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