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#1 Online Event for Jump-Starting Your Forex Returns.

If you're not making a profit from your trades, then trading is your hobby, not your living.

Trading the largest financial market has ample profitability, but you have to know what to look for and how to attack when the time's right.

In this online event, you'll learn how to go from trading for fun to trading for financial gain, directly from expert traders who live this reality every day. You'll learn action steps you could take today to see FX returns sooner, insights into current trade setups pros are trading right now, and about the tools to "cheat the system," making your technical analysis more accurate and quicker than ever before.

Real Action Steps for Real Results in Your Forex Trades.


Will Gallagher

Will Gallagher | 6:00PM - 7:15PM ET (GMT -4)

Investing Expert

After helping thousands of Forex traders identify specific areas for improving their trading returns and routines, William Gallagher joins as your expert workshop host, leading you through this inaugural Investor Jumpstart Workshop event.

Kelley Bremer

Kelley Bremer | 7:15PM - 8:30PM ET (GMT -4)

Investing Expert

Learn action steps for using the world's most powerful leading Forex indicator for a 650% return on investment. Join this MAX session to see how to find more profitable setups fast for higher rates of return that pay for you to trade for the remainder of the year.

Online Event for Traders Who:

  • Are sick of sitting on the sidelines
  • Have basic market skills they could maximize
  • Want the answer to "what's next" for higher returns on a consistent basis
  • Are done settling with little to no ROI in their trades