Subscription Refund Policy

All subscriptions (monthly, annual or other) are automatically billed after the end of each paid billing cycle or a trial period. You may cancel your subscription at any time. You are responsible for the full subscription fee in the billing cycle in which you cancel (monthly, annual or other). Once your account has been billed, all sales are final and refunds will not be issued. All cancellations are processed as quickly as possible, but do not take effect until the paid billing cycle ends. You can continue to access your product through the end of your current billing cycle and no further charges will be made to your payment account. Refunds are not available for any unused portion of service, pro-rated or otherwise, including payments after a trial period has ended. A trial period cannot be paused or reinstated if any subscription plan is canceled before the initial trial period has ended. Unused days in a trial period may not be used as credit for days that have been billed. If a charge to the payment method on your account is declined, we may make additional attempts to process the payment. We may periodically amend this policy for any reason; please review this policy periodically. It may take up to a few days to process your cancellation request. You as the client are solely responsible for canceling your account in the time frame you seek to specify. If you have any billing questions or suggestions about this policy, feel free to call us.

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