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Target Trading Course

Begin hitting your trading Forex trading targets

The Target Trading 2.0 Course guides trading efforts and improves accuracy in trading to identify your “targets”. Targets, put simply, are pivot points in the market. You will learn to identify these “pivot points” and how they relate to trends in the market.

Course Length

23.5 Hours

Level of Learning

Novice - Intermediate

Learning Path

Forex Trader

Course Overview

Perfect for traders of all skill levels who what to begin target trading in Forex.

Learn how to identify and trade pivot points in the market. Students receive training on key indicators and 11 lessons to walkthrough identifying, timing and trading targets. Learn the value of equity management for both aggressive and conservative risk appetites. When you finish the course, you will have the ability to trade targets of all currencies with increased confidence and consistency. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of target trading, time frames, patterns, and be ready to trade on the market.


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Course highlights

  • Self-guided learning
  • Taught by expert traders
  • Access to a community of traders
  • Individualized education pathways to meet your goals
  • Personal success coach

What will I learn?

  • Confidently utilize the strategies taught in the course
  • Correctly identify targets, trading time frames and manage your equity
  • Trade with confidence and utilize the Psychological aspects of a day trader as taught in the live class

Course Author

Gary Fichardt

Currently MTI’s Director of Trading, Gary has been making waves in the Forex world since 1995. That’s when he first set out on a mission to learn how he could earn significant returns trading currencies. After years of studying the market and trading profitably, Gary turned his focus on helping other investors through daily analysis, market commentary, and managing funds. His go-to trading style is swing trading.


Get everything you need to begin Forex Trading

  • Live instructional class

    4 hour live class with our expert analysts

  • Ongoing mentorship and training

    Weekly follow up sessions with our expert FOREX analysts

  • Trading strategies

    Weekly live question and answer sessions with expert analysts

  • Charting software

    2 months of Ultimate Charting Software included with the course

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