Ryan Ruscett

Ryan Ruscett

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Ruscett

Mr. Ruscett comes with a high degree of technical acuity and management experience including more than thirteen years of developing disruptive technologies, transforming startups, and leading large scale change across organizations like OneClickPolitics, IBM and Amazon. 

Ruscett is leading efforts to strengthen Market Traders Institute’s technology focus and accelerate SmartTrader, the cloud-enabled SaaS charting platform, and other trading solutions. Ruscett’s extensive experience in cloud-based technology solutions has allowed him to deliver customer value through site reliability and industry-leading functionality.  

He is set on providing each individual with a new and transformative way to grow and trade in the Forex (foreign currency exchange), stock, and cryptocurrency markets.

When he’s not working on the next level tools, indicators and strategies for SmartTrader, he loves to go skydiving, ride motorcycles and watch movies and is a huge fan of Halloween.

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