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The currency market is considered to be the largest financial market with around $6.6 trillion in daily transactions, which is more than the futures and equity markets combined. You’ll learn how the Forex market works, how to analyze pairs and most importantly how to execute time-tested strategies to take advantage of long and short-term trades. With The Ultimate Traders Package™, you’ll learn how to trade in one of the most exciting, fast-paced markets.

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Program Overview

Our Ultimate Traders Package™ was designed by actual traders with traders in mind.

Since its initial release, the program has been enhanced to cover automated trading technologies. As you master foundational skills that help you trade in real time, you will also learn ways in which you can trade while away from your computer. Upon completing the program, you will have the tools to confidently trade the market on your own.

Your first 30 days as an MTI student are crucial.

You will be assigned a dedicated Education Specialist to guide you through live training sessions, self-paced lessons and other tools that will prepare you to begin trading. Along the way, you will also be able to lean on our support team and the community of traders from all over the world.

Forex trading requires time, discipline, determination and commitment. Although, many believe that Forex trading is a quick, easy way to make money, it does involve risk. Through this time-tested program, students learn the good habits, strategy and mindset that make Forex traders successful for the long-term.

In Your First 30 Days, Expect to…

  • Review your goals and unique trading plan with your Continuing Education Specialist
  • Meet with our Orientation team to navigate your classroom and where to go for various resources
  • Attend a 2-day live class with one of our market experts, designed to fast track your learning of foundational strategies
  • Have the tools in place to begin analyzing and placing trades (whether on a live or demo account)
  • Understand how to apply an automated trading system across various market conditions and currencies

What will I learn?

Course Author

Jared Martinez

A pioneer in the use of the golden Fibonacci ratio in financial markets, FX Chief truly believes trading should be simple. That’s why his signature trading style involves unique strategies for using the naturally occurring Fibonacci phenomena to easily predict profitable market movements before they happen.

Now a 30+ year Forex veteran, Jared has made it his mission to help other traders learn. His expertise in the investment field has garnered attention from popular news networks.

As founder and Brand Ambassador of Market Traders Institute, today Jared is the mentor to more than 30,000 students.


The ultimate package: How our Forex training course helps you trade like a pro

Jumpstart your Forex training by reviewing key strategies covered in The Ultimate Traders Package within a live environment

Trading experts are not far away – you’ll have the ability to attend sessions covering some of the most active market times with various market pros

Easy-to-digest, on-demand lessons allow you to deep dive into comprehensive Forex strategies to help you master key trading techniques

Not only will you have access to SmartTrader charting application, but we will help you understand how to use it to accompany the tactics covered in The Ultimate Traders Package

You are matched with a dedicated Education Specialist and you will be able to connect with our support team for assistance throughout your entire trading journey

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