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Your Forex trading account could crumble with a weak foundation

Download these building blocks for proven success.

Like any good building, sculpture, or program, the Foundation sets the tone for all ongoing activity. If the Foundation is poor, anything built upon it will crumble. The Forex Building Blocks ebook gives you crucial tips (and illustrations) for entering the most liquid market in the world, so you can start forming positive habits right from the start.

In this ebook, we discuss:

  • What times in the day most of the trading takes place (page 5) and where to get in and out of the market (page 7)
  • A simple trading formula (just 5 easy steps) that can be used as a guide to keep you on track (page 13)
  • The sign language of the market that will tell you where the market is moving (page 14)
  • Different trends that show you where to enter and exit the market and rules you can use to make smarter decisions (page 20)
  • Taking your learning a step further with video lessons, strategy checklists and more

Forex Building Blocks Series

This ebook is part of our Forex Building Block series that is designed to compound your learning so you’re hitting crucial milestones for successful trading.

Start your Forex path with your free copy of the Setting the Foundation for Trading the Foreign Exchange Market.

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